Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor


An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a portable blood pressure recording device which you wear at home, work and play. It is used to record blood pressure readings at specified times during a 24-hour period. The monitor consists of an arm cuff attached by a flexible rubber tube to a light-weight monitor. The monitor sits in a pouch held by a waist belt or shoulder strap. The advantage of this approach is that it overcomes “white coat” blood pressure readings at the doctor’s office and, more importantly, measures blood pressure while you are sleeping. The device will record as many as 20 – 30 times over 24 hours.  The analysis of this information will help your doctors decide the best therapy for your blood pressure.
SPECIAL NOTE:  This test is not insured by OHIP. The fee is  $60.00.  If the fee is a hardship for you do not hesitate to notify the staff.  We will be able to assist you.

How to prepare for ABP

  • Bring a list of your medications
  • Be prepared to pay the fee of $60 by cheque, cash or debit ( you will be given a receipt)
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt if possible
  • Unless instructed otherwise, have a “normal day” – don’t try to limit activities.

Additional Notes:

  • Your name and health card number will be programmed in to the monitor so we know it belongs to you when you return it
  • You will be asked to sign an agreement acknowledging that you are responsible for the safety of the equipment while it is in your possession. You may be billed for lost or damages equipment.
  • The technologist will take 3 manual blood pressures, to calibrate the monitor.
  • The device will be programmed to take your blood pressure every half hour from 8 AM to 10 PM and hourly thereafter through the night (this can be adjusted if necessary)
  • Please record your bedtime and your wake time at the bottom of the information sheet.
  • At the 24-hour time, you may remove the monitor from your arm and press the top button until the word “pause” is displayed (this will be demonstrated to you). Return all the equipment (cuff, hose, monitor, case, strap and information sheet and medication list) to the clinic. You or someone else may do this. It can be left at the reception desk in the main lobby. Your name is programmed in to it.